Tachograph service equipment


Comprehensive launch of the tachograph service

To start the tachograph service, you must have a certificate of a tachograph workshop technician or employ a person with such a document. You can buy it by passing the state examination. Necessary equipment and a permit issued by the Central Office of Measures are also required. The service of comprehensive launching of the tachograph service, which we offer, includes training, equipping as well as preparation of documentation and an application, which must be submitted to the Central Office of Measures
By using our offer, you get the necessary knowledge and support in launching and then running your own tachograph service, which we have acquired through over 30 years of experience. That is why we are the best training, service and trade partner.

Full training in the field of installation, checking, inspection and repair of analog tachographs

Preparatory training for the exam at the Central Office of Measures for people who are to install, check and repair analog tachographs on their own.

Preparation training for the digital tachograph exam

 The training plan covers, inter alia, the following issues:
  • national and EU legal bases
  • UTC time, pictograms
  • ACTIA digital tachographs
  • interpretation of tachograph printouts
  • tachograph calibration, data transfer
During the training, control works are carried out to consolidate the acquired knowledge.


We offer the necessary and auxiliary equipment to install, check, inspect and repair analog and digital tachographs.


Tachograph Tester TT2010 is used to test and calibrate the vehicle tachograph, and to determine the characteristic coefficient of the vehicle based on the road or in conjunction with different types of roller devices. It can be used during the installation, configuration and carry out periodic inspection of tachographs, both in the vehicle and on the test bench.