Ferry crossings

One of our services involves a wide range of continuously developing ferry crossings all over Europe. We provide professional and safe crossings for all types of vehicles - from lorries to non-standard trucks. We facilitate arrangement of trouble-free and efficient transport of cargo. 

Professional Cooperation

Thanks to a long-term and professional cooperation with many shipping companies, we offer competitive prices for ferry crossings.
Reservations can be made from ports throughout Europe, and can be made even on the day preceding the trip. We offer open tickets i.e. tickets with no specified crossing time, thus a trip can be done at any time.
Open tickets allow you to enter the ferry at any time.


You are welcome to check availability and prices of ferry crossings. We ensure professional service and quick response time to any requests for proposals and orders.
Non-stop 24h/7 ferry booking available. We also provide flexible payment terms.
Agnieszka Jęcek
Ferry Department Manager