Tachograph testing equipment


Tachograph testing equipment



Tachograph Tester TT2010 is used to test and calibrate the vehicle tachograph, and to determine the characteristic coefficient of the vehicle based on the road or in conjunction with different types of roller devices. It can be used during the installation, configuration and carry out periodic inspection of tachographs, both in the vehicle and on the test bench.


Manipulation Tester DTM02015 is used to verify the correctness and tampering of the tachograph installation. It allows to check the motion sensor, vehicle unit and installation combing elements of the system in the vehicle. DTM2015 can be used to detect interference with the installation of the tachograph in real time - during a roadside check & in the workshop or the transport company.

Remote Tachograph Monitoring (RTM)

Remote early detection of possible manipulation or misuse of smart tachographs.
Regulation (EU) No 165/2014 determines that the tachograph shall be equipped with a remote communication functionality that shall enable agents of the competent control authorities to read tachograph information from passing vehicles by using remote interrogation equipment (the Remote early detection communication reader REDCR), specifically, interrogation equipment connecting wirelessly using CEN 5.8 GHz Dedicated Short Range Communication (DSRC) interfaces.

Tachograph training station

Station intended for training in the field of tachographs. It can be used during trainings for drivers, technicians and for simulation of the tachograph operation in the vehicle.
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