Fans and blowers


Fans and blowers

LONTEX offers, among others:
  • axial fans
  • single blowers
  • double blowers
  • flushing fluids,
  • oils
  • fan and blowers accessories.

Fans and blowers SPAL distributor

LONTEX is a general representative of SPAL aftermarket on the Polish market and the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. We have a wide range of Italian manufacturer - several hundred product items in a 12 / 24V configuration - allows you to quickly fulfill customer orders. Our team underwent training in the factory - thanks to which we also offer technical support. SPAL products are present in many branches of the economy - a growing group of products - is a growing group of satisfied customers. We invite you to cooperation.


See chapter 11 in our catalog:
Krzysztof Kotas
Head of sales
Ádám Rapatyi
Export team leader (EN, HU)
Katarzyna Kapała
Export specialist (IT, EN)
Bartosz Fajferek
Export specialist (CS, SK)
Natalia Dziedzic
Export specialist (EN)
Hanna Chumakova
Export specialist (UA)
Daniel Paszek
Junior export specialist (ES)
Aleksandr Skreabin
Export specialist (IT, UE, RUS, EN)
Patryk Szendzielorz
Export specialist (EN)
Paweł Szweda
Export specialist (EN)
Karolina Strzymczok
Export specialist (ES)
Karolina Raj
Export specialist (EN, ES)