In LONTEX offer you can find:
  • tachographs,
  • reconditioned tachographs,
  • spare parts,
  • batteries,
  • digital data downloading tools,
  • printer paper rolls and diagramm charts,
  • hall and inductive sensors,
  • sensors
  • instalation, checking, calibration and sealing materials and accessories.

Digital Tachographs

DIGITAL tachographs program include a full range of the most advanced devices created by:
  • Continental VDO
  • Stoneridge Electronics
  • Intellic Efkon
For example we offer DTCO 1381 2.2 / 3.0 / 4.0; SE5000 Exakt Duo ADR / wADR and  EFAS 4SE. All models are available in universal 12/24V version and OEM dedicated as well. Our sales specialists will lead you and advise in choosing the right tachograph or will share their knowledge on earlier models – starting with DTCO 1381 1.0 through 1.1; 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 2.0, 2.1.
All technological updates and legal regulations are included in our offer - with adapters M1 / N1, Geo Log system as well.

Analogue Tachographs

LONTEX offer a full range of spare parts for ANALOGUE tachographs. Our stock includes the oldest tachograph version as:
  • Mannesmann Kienzle,
  • VDO Kienzle,
  • VDO Siemens: 1308, 1311, 1314, 1318, 1319, 1324, 1390,
which are complemented by spare parts for Veeder Root (Stoneridge Electronics), Actia 026,028 and EGK 100 Motometer analogue tachographs.

Reconditioned tachographs all series

LONTEX provide an exchange / non exchange program of reconditioned tachographs. Our expirienced technician team, original spare parts, long-term checking line thats quarantees of best quality.

Accessories for tachographs

ACCESSORIES program include:
  • calibration kits,
  • sealing materials,
  • sensors,
  • diagramm charts,
  • printer paper rolls.
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