ul. Transportowa 8
69-100 Słubice
tel. +48 515 060 084
Opening hours: MON.-FRI. 7:00-22:00 / SAT. 7:00-15:00
+48 515 060 080
Toll Collect
Parking heaters
Air conditioning
Speed limiters
CB Radio
GPS monitoring

Comprehensive service

  • digital tachograph tamper control, calibration check, calibrated tachograph test, tachograph mass storage
  • automatic documentation of inspection results - inspection report
  • adapting to leading rollers - the ability to calibrate the tachograph by one person
  • Quick, easy and error-free setting of the vehicle's characteristic coefficient ("w")

Road transport services - drivers, diagnostics, service providers, forwarders and management

  • eco-driving
  • proper load distribution
  • tachograph operation
  • requirements of German, Norwegian, French, Austrian or Italian minimum wage rules
  • training conducted with ITD and Police

Advisory services on legal requirements for road transport

  • analysis and control of drivers' working time
  • accounting hours worked by drivers
  • settlement of minimum wages: German, Norwegian, French, Austrian and Italian
  • analysis of documentation and development of suggestion of change
  • advice on how to choose the method and billing period
  • 24-hour telephone counseling
  • Representation during ITD and PIP audits

Diagnostic and service services

  • full diagnostics and technical condition control
  • service warranty and post warranty reviews
  • maintenance
  • periodic repairs

Ultramodern, eco-innovation car wash

  • Self-cleaning washing portal
  • electronic control
  • disinfection option allows to obtain previously unavailable cleaning results
  • environmentally friendly technology

The project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund under the Regional Operational Program - Lubuskie 2020

The project "Innovative diagnostic and service center for international transport vehicles together with a human resource development center, based on the application of the
latest solutions improving the management and monitoring of passenger and goods transportation" Co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund under the
Regional Operational Program - Lubuskie 2020 Priority Axis 1 "Economy and Innovation" Operation 1.5 "SME sector development", Suboperation 1.5.1 SME sector
development - grant supports. Grant Contract No. RPLB.01.05.01-08-0024 / 16-00
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