We sell domestic and foreign. The distribution network covers over 60 countries around the world. The products we offer come from reputable manufacturers and are of the highest quality. We are the general distributor of the TEKSON and VDO brands. Specialists responsible for the highest quality of service, speaking dozens of languages. Guaranteed satisfaction and contentment on cooperation.


The quality of the offered products, obtained thanks to the latest technologies and quality control at every stage of production, allows the TEKSON brand to be positioned as a leader in the industry of parts and components for trucks. Each stage of your road to safety leads through individual product groups:
  • GPS / e-TOLL
  • Tachograph control devices
  • 3d Tacho
  • Securing the load
  • Tools & accessories
  • Braking system
  • Health and Safety
Reach the goal of safety with TEKSON brand products.


LONTEX is an authorized distributor of the VDO brand, which belongs to the Continental AG corporation. We create an authorized service network of VDO partners. We offer products such as:
  • Digital tachographs
  • Analog tachographs
  • Record sheets / Thermopaper
  • Impulsators
  • Sealing accessories
  • VDO electronic gear (VDO instruments)
  • Data download devices
  • WorkshopTab
  • Accessories
We are in constant contact with brand representatives, thanks to which we are the first to know about new products and updates of VDO products.


SPAL is a leader in the production of fans and blowers for the automotive industry. We offer a full range of products from this Italian manufacturer of first assembly products - both 12V and 24V. We offer both radial and axial fans.
In addition to the availability of goods, we offer technical support in the selection of products (drawings, application tables, photos).
LONTEX is the main partner of SPAL on the Polish market!
Krzysztof Kotas
Head of sales
Ádám Rapatyi
Export team leader (EN, HU)
Katarzyna Kapała
Export specialist (IT, EN)
Bartosz Fajferek
Export specialist (CS, SK)
Natalia Dziedzic
Export specialist (EN)
Hanna Chumakova
Export specialist (UA)
Daniel Paszek
Junior export specialist (ES)
Aleksandr Skreabin
Export specialist (IT, UE, RUS, EN)
Patryk Szendzielorz
Export specialist (EN)
Paweł Szweda
Export specialist (EN)
Karolina Strzymczok
Export specialist (ES)
Karolina Raj
Export specialist (EN, ES)