As part of our comprehensive tachograph service strategy, we provide a full range of spare parts and accessories for analogue and digital tachographs.
We offer new VDO tachographs and other types, including assembly kits.
In addition, our offer includes spare parts for all types and models of tachographs.

SPAL fans

Our offer includes a full range of products from an Italian leading manufacturer of fans and blowers for automotive industry: SPAL. this company is a leading OEM both in terms of 12V and 24V.

LONTEX is the main partner of SPAL on the Polish market. 

Parking heaters

Our offer includes complete Webasto and Eberspaecher units with all models available. We offer full availability of spare parts for all models of engine-off heating systems - burners, blowers, pumps, glow pins, gasket sets. 

Tail lift parts

 We offer a full range of spare parts for hydraulic loading platforms - lifts of all reputable manufacturers. Spare parts include: actuators, switches and controls, drives, pumps and electromagnetic relays, valves and coils, spindles, platform bushings & rollers, actuator parts, mechanical and electrical components, aggregates, hoses, connectors, wires and plugs and more. We offer genuine parts and top-quality aftermarket parts.

Speed limiters

The obligation to equip the vehicle with a speed limiter is for buses, trucks with a maximum permissible mass exceeding 3,5 t,
These vehicles should be equipped with an approved speed limiter fitted by the manufacturer or an authorized body that limits the maximum bus speed to 100 km / h, while the truck and tractor car up to 90 km / h. We offer speed limiters AUTOKONTROL and ELSON Truck Cruise.

Air Conditioning

We offer a wide range of spare parts for air conditioning of commercial vehicles - trucks, coaches, buses. We offer genuine products of NISSENS, VALEO, DIRNA, BOCK as well as aftermarket parts: AUTOCLIMA, FRIGAIR. Products include compressors, condensers, dryers. 

CB Radio

Our offer includes a wide range of CB radio products from recognized manufacturers, such as: PRESIDENT, MIDLAND, ALAN, TTI, SIRIO. Apart from complete SB systems and antennas we also provide a variety of CB accessories: brackets, mounting frames, handles, etc.


Tachograph tester TT2010 is used to test and calibrate the vehicle tachograph, and to determine the characteristic coefficient of the vehicle based on the road or in conjunction with different types od roller devices. It can be used during the installation, configuration and carry out periodic inspection od tachographs, both in the vehicle on the test bench.


 Manipulation tester DTM02015 is used to verify the cottectness and tampering of the tachograph installation. It allows to check the motion sensor, vehicle unit and installation combing elements of the system in the vehicle. DTM2015 can be used to detect interference with the installation of the tachograph in real time - during a roadside check & in the workshop or the transport company.
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