Remote Tachograph Monitoring



Regulation (EU) No 165/2014 determines that the tachograph shall be equipped with a remote communication functionality that shall enable agents of the competent control authorities to read tachograph information from passing vehicles by using remote interrogation equipment (the Remote early detection communication reader REDCR), specifically, interrogation equipment connecting wirelessly using CEN 5.8 GHz Dedicated Short Range Communication (DSRC) interfaces. It is important to understand that this functionality is intended to serve only as a pre-filter in order to select vehicles for a more thorough inspection, and it does not replace the formal inspection process as determined in the provisions of Regulation (EU) No 165/2014.

Data safety

Access to the data communicated shall be restricted to competent control authorities authorized to check infringements of Regulation (EC) No 561/2006 and of Regulation (EU) No 165/2014 and to workshops in so far as it is necessary to verify the correct functioning of the tachograph. The data exchanged during the communication shall be limited to the data necessary for the purpose of targeted roadside checks of vehicles with a potentially manipulated or misused tachograph.

TEKSON brand offers 2 options of Remote Tachograph Monitoring (RTM):

  • DTM2015 set with DSRC antenna for stationary readings or with a small difference in speed between the DSRC antennas
  • PresTacho RTM system for pre-selection of vehicles at a full speed.

Two variants

In the first option where DTM2015 Manipulation Tester kit is being used, there is a possibility to check all digital tachographs, motion sensors and installation in a vehicle. Such a verification may take place after stopping a particular vehicle for detailed inspection, while the pre-selection of vehicles to be stopped is carried out by DSRC antenna connected to the DTM2015 tester or the PresTacho RTM DSRC system. Therefore both variants complement each other and can be used during roadside vehicle checks, depending on the needs of the competent control authorities.

Remote Tachograph Monitoring with DTM2015 Manipulation Tester

DSRC antenna/transceiver is mounted on a tripod along with DTM2015 tester. This set is used for readings in the stationary mode or at a low speed difference between the DSRC antennas. It is also possible that the REDCR antenna is mounted in or on the vehicle.
The kit includes:
  • DTM2015 Manipulation Tester
  • DSRC antenna/transceiver
  • 10 m signal/power cable
  • SCR DSRC card reader with rechargeable battery and AC adapter
  • tripod with mounting brackets for DSRC antenna and DTM2015 tester.
The following set is a portable device with efficient battery supply that enables a long working time without charging.

RTM system with PresTacho software

Remote Tachograph Monitoring with DSRC antenna adapted to read the data from vehicles moving at a speed even over 200 km/h. System can be mounted on gantries over the road, on roadside poles, on a tripod, in or on the vehicle of the competent control authorities.
PresTacho RTM system includes:
  • PresTacho software
  • DSRC antenna/transceiver
  • 30 m signal/power cable
  • PoE power supply to DSRC antenna
  • DSRC antenna/transceiver mounting bracket
  • device for local communication with the antenna (BlackBox)
  • SCR USB card reader.
Data between DSRC transceiver and inspector's workstation is transmitted in an encrypted manner. The agent of the competent control authorities gets an access to the system by logging in to PresTacho software using the second generation control card.